Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to create

I have realized today the gift God has given me to work nights and be able to have quality time to be inspired to write again.  It has been years since I have created a poem or a personalized prayer for anyone.  The last time I attempted was when I was pregnant with my baby Charisma that passed away within me at eight months of pregnancy over ten years ago.

I have felt for years that God has wanted me to go back to this passion.  I now feel that the time is here. Now that so much stress has been lifted from me in my work life, I get so many awake hours to myself. I will now be free to allow my thoughts to transpose to paper and start "Carol's Loving Creations"


Off to review these old writings and dream of future ways to create new writing on new platforms. My goal is to sell these writings and designs on a website at  where they sell all kinds of crafts and wonderful homemade gifts.   This will be a long time goal fulfilled and a fun compassion I have yearned for ever since my girls were little!

In setting up my shop on Etsy , I discovered I had to make a change in my name.  It will be called:

 Love Creations by Carol.

  This shop is just in the start up stage so do not try to view until I announce a grand opening....Than


  1. All lovely. Uyen had a shop on Etsy and did very well with it. More improtantly, she enjoyed running it! She started a group called "Etsy Montana," which is still going today as far as I know.

  2. I loved "Walk in Light." During times when the light dims, we are each other's light.