Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is really already here

With temperatures hitting the 90's , I have to succumb to the notion that Summer is here!  I had thought I would simply change my schedule to nights and get through without these MS symptoms flaring up but that didn't work.   I am a full blown day person and trying to work nights just made my symptoms flare even in cooler weather due to the poor sleep my body would get.

 I am learning the things I need most beyond my Lord is rest, coolness and no stress.  So I head into summer sleeping nights and then dressing in clothing that allows my body the most coolness (long loose skirts and tank tops mostly and in as much cotton as possible).  I pay attention to things that stress me out and I try to avoid or simply not allow them to stress me out..LOL

Sometimes the four 12 hour shifts put me under and I have to limit to only three days of work but then the lack of money stresses me out so trying to find balance. I have a brand new car which helps me with less stress over breaking down, yet the money issue again flares up.  LOL no such thing as no stress so we pick our stressers that are worth it I guess!

Point is we keep adjusting and finding what is right for us and leave the rest to God.  My Lord constantly helps me through situations and I have total faith He will carry me through the times my symptoms get out of control.

Love to all  and have a blessed day.