Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting healthy!!!

November 3rd 2012

That's it, I made a mistake and changed jobs for a few months...I'm a woman , I'm allowed to change my mind aren't I?  Now back to Solutions with my family of friends and co-workers where I can enjoy what I do with all my heart and soul.

I believe I haven't changed one bit from those pictures taken almost two years ago!
 My health has been a rollarcoaster with my LDL up to 344,  HDL 44 and Triglycerides at 258.
I haven't had any health insurance and it took me 6 months to get accepted and then get into a Volunteer clinic where I was finally seen by a doctor.   As of a week ago I am back on medication for my Cholestrol, have my COPD meds being mailed to me!!!

I am on a waiting list for OB/GYN for my female issues of cyst on ovaries (non-cancerous) and endometreosis. Eventually I will have my degenerative disk disease in my neck re-evaluated that causes me daily pain and the arthritus has settled into it just as it has on my knees that have been degenerative since my early 30's let alone my Atrial Fibrillation issue that increase my risk of that full stroke.

 I am also on waiting list to see a Neorologist for all the symptoms that mimmic or seem to be MS. A doctor at UMC stated that the white matter on my MRI and my symptoms of numbness and heat sensitifity are signs of possible MS.

MS is a progressive illness that eats away the protective layer over your nerves in your brain and inside your spine. Everyone goes through different symptoms depending on nerves being effected but mine is sever heat sensitivity and on daily basis I go numb in my arms , legs , face and brain.  I can feel fine for months then something triggers it back and I get numb, can't think straight, somedays can't talk correctly, and since I have already had a TIA (mini stroke) in May of 2011, these symptoms can lead to stroke too and so scary if not the MS but I ignore signs of a stroke coming on just becuase I am so use to these symptoms daily.   Summer is over Thank God since MS symptoms are triggered my the heat and that issue has been getting progressivly worse for me ever since summer 2008.  I am not sure I can handle another summer here in Vegas without a diagnoises at least so I can be on treatment of some sort.

This may all seem bad, but trust me there is always someone else worse off.  I don't look at it that way anyways, it just interfers with my level of activity at times but it never interfers with my faith in God or my joy in simply being alive and having each day to fulfill God's will with my life by loving others!!!

Any ways I am done with summer and back on my medications for the Cholestrol so I am motivating myself to get back on my health kick.   I believe that if I start back on my Apple cidar vinegar , it can jump start me back to feeling healthy. I set an alarm on my phone to start back on vitamins and I bought a AB lounger at a yard sale. 

Stay with me and watch me melt back into my old jeans...maybe not my 4's in womens or 7's in JR's but at this time in my life I will be happy with a goal of size 6 woman's and size 9 JR's.

More than a size the main thing I am after is to just feel healthy and energetic again!!!

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