Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spiritual Transcendence of our relationship


As time moves forward and it is now sixteen months since your murder.  Your never being here physically has reached my full awareness.   I was in shock for months, yet at same time ,in midst of a spiritual journey of connecting with you as much as possible on the spiritual level.  Then you warned me after a year that you would not be with me as much, though always within reach when I needed you.  I thought I was ok with that message from you but it really felt like another stage of loss these past four months.

 I had slipped into some deeper depression but I am ready to move forward , as I know you want me to and focus back on developing our full spiritual relationship.  I need to hold on to my affirmation of, I will always be your Momma and you my Sunshine.  I understand you do not need to be right beside me 24/7 as in the spirit world there is no time and space....Just as God , Jesus, and all our spirit guides and Angels are near, it is not a space or time issue.  You are with me in Soul all the time.

You have taught me so much from Heaven and how our souls are eternal.  I know our souls were connected before this physical life and will be eternally.  I just miss you every single day and that will never go away.

 I love you to my core and I praise God that you have connected with me to allow me the comfort of knowing that although I do miss you physically that we are eternally connected by our souls.

Eternally Soul family
Love you bunches and bunches!!!!