Thursday, November 15, 2012

Now this is success!!!

A few minutes ago, I was given reason to think about success and all the variations of society's definition of success.
I am not what anyone would consider the least bit financially successful or materialistically successful, but I am successful under my definition because I have my two daughters and they are my single most important goal in life.

 My goal was to have my own "family" and to prove to this world that if you raise your children showing them love and respect, they will love and respect  you back. I wanted to prove that there is no need to raise children being hurtful in anyway. 

We are to always look for ways to love our neighbors and to edify one another if we are to do that for our neighbors and strangers , how then can human beings bring children into this world and then degrade them and hurt them in any way, physically, verbally or emotionally?  I never understood that and I wanted to prove to everyone that If we show our children unconditional love, respect and appreciation, they will show you the same and become wonderful compassionate humans.  My other motto in life besides "Dance in the Rain"  but to break cycles of abuse and addictions in our family.  I feel confident that by time my daughters become parents they will not carry on the generations of abuse and addictions that ran in both my family and their fathers!  

Now that my friends is what I call success!!!!

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