Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dance in the Rain

Transformation journey Nov. 8, 2012:

Just a morning note to be clear, I'm no longer on a "diet" , I AM TRANSFORMING  my life, living in the ZONE of optimal health spite what may limit certain areas of my life....When there is a mountain before you...choose to stay where at, climb that mountain, find a trail around it , or find God's tunnel through it, What matters is not how but that you find your way to the other side and don't stay idle.  Each obstacle is truly an opportunity  of  journey full of  wisdom , love and growth to new adventures.  Dance in the Rain....that is my motto.

Yes, when I started this blog it was more about the weight and diet, that's why I took that picture but now since my TIA (mini stroke) came in May of 2011 and all the diagnoses thus far, It has become about sticking to living as long as possible and as healthy as possible.

Forgive if I talk about my daily health issues here and express the feelings I may go through of not being at my best and having limits that I am not use to.  I promise as you continue to take this journey with me, you will see how one makes the best of all situations and lives committed to God & finding glory in all things.

Live life to the fullest and open your heart to the blessings surrounding you :)

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  1. I agree it should not be called a diet. It's a life changing thing. Love you!