Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lesson learned "There's Victory in living"

Years ago my best- friend's mother use to hide away in her dark house afraid to even walk to the mailbox at the end of their country driveway. I love this lady and in a way she has saved my life many times.  Whenever I would become depressed, I would think of her and remember how sad I felt that her fear had paralyzed her life.

She instilled in me a desire to really live and not just exist in my life.  I came close a few times, to just hiding away and becoming too afraid to live.  I held onto my teenage lesson to not let life's problems overwhelm me and to live each day to the fullest.  I feel God allowed me to see that side of existence so that I would not allow the trials of my own life to bring me down. When I lost my baby in 2002 , I almost forgot the lesson that God never gives you more than you can handle. Sometimes we forget the real meaning of that, is that we can not handle anything on our own but if we call on God, He and only He can get us through. All those years later, that wonderful lady's daughter (my Best- friend) reminded me to call out to God and he would bring me back to living that life that I fought so hard to LIVE! 

As I face my daily struggles now with physical limitations that no one can actually see,  I choose to not anticipate any diagnoses with fear but with that same desire to live to the fullest no matter what challenges come my way.

Thank you to the fine lady that taught me such a valued lesson in life and I want you to know that you are still in my heart and prayers.  I love you and I love your entire family for welcoming this scared child into your home. Thank you for loving me so many years ago even when you wouldn't allow anyone else into your home.  I love you!


  1. I recall someone telling me once to "tie a knot at the end of the rope if you reach it...and just hang on!"

  2. We have the light and when it dims in us, another lends us their own. Your story reminds me of the boy who complained he had no shoes until he saw another boy who had no feet.

  3. God Bless that lady. For you really needed others when you were small. Love you!