Monday, November 12, 2012

Cool weather and living nights!

I took a break last night of even thinking about my daily health issues and it felt great! :)

  I am noticing that although my head feels dizzy each day and the headaches continue, my ability to form my thoughts into words to express myself is frustrating, but the bright light is my numbing is beginning to take breaks! My face tingles and a arm then a leg but it is not as constant. Thank you God for seasons and dropping temperatures!!! 

 This week the temperature has dropped to the high 60's in days and high 40's at night...with this cooler weather comes great relief of how my symptoms get so intense in the summers here.  I am so grateful for winter this year!  The summers have increasingly grown harder on me ever since summer of 2008 and now the last two summers are making me feel as though I can not make it through another one. I will change my schedule to nights at least and then come next spring summer maybe I will not go through such high degree (ha ha) of increased symptoms. 

I am determined that depression will not over take me as I continue realizing more and more that although I am only 53 years old, my body is weak and I can not do half of what I could do last year and each year is becomes more limited.  My goal is to transfer to a gluten free diet, work nights, not allow stress and always always look on the bright side of how blessed I am to be alive each and everyday. I have grown to tryly appreciate life!!!

My dairy of symptoms:
Still numbness but less last few days, sharp needle like pains in stomach , foggy head of not thinking straight , not being able to multitask like I use to and not being able to talk smoothly anymore with words escaping my mind or being in mind but not getting mouth to form them. My head feels like will pass out any moment almost constant.   My neck never stops hurting now and now my middle and lower back has ached for a month now (not sure if new symptom of MS or if from the spinal stenosis they found in my neck is really in other ares too?)

Diagnoised in 30's with degenerative desease in both kness due to childhood injury , ligaments torn and no cartridge in either knee , arthritis had already set in.  (1997) Was told I needed both knees replaced.
Diagnoised with spinal stenosis , degenerative disk & arthritis in spine (C5,6&7)   (2005)
Diagnoised with a TIA ( May 2011) Yes, there is a high risk of strokes and heart attacks in family history
Diagnoised with High Cholesterol (May 2011) On statins, but hate medications!
UN-Diagnoised with symptoms of MS that one doctor at Hospital says my MRI (white matter) and symptoms all looks and sounds like MS but I need to see a Neurologist (May 2011) *I am without Insurance so I just now two weeks ago was placed on list at free clinic to see a Neurologist!!!
Diagnoised with COPD Feb.2012
Diagnoised with endeometrosis Feb 2012
Diagnoised with cyst in Left ovaries (non cancerous so far) Feb 2012
I've been asked to take a colon test due to high risk in family of colon cancer two strong awesome sisters.

All is fine and managable but the Un-diagnoised symptoms of "possible MS" not knowing is worse...I refuse to let any of it get me down though.

I will just keep making adjustments yet I will continue my journey and....

I promise to continue dancing in the rain!!!!

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