Saturday, November 10, 2012

My motto of life

Today November 10, 2012

I changed the name of this blog today as I used as title a few days ago my motto in life and thought wow why didn't I name this blog by I changed it today.  

Dance in the Rain,  I want to always dance in the rain or fulfill the meaning , to me it means to make the best out of all situations in life.

I am researching more ways to help my MS symptoms to stay at a minimum in my life. I realized that I have four ways I can help this outcome in natural ways with no medications for as long as possible. #1 is of course to always put God first in my life, 2)  get plenty of rest, 3) eat healthy (with MS a gluten free diet is best) and 4) to keep stress out of my life as much as possible.  Seems that most people with MS have something called leaky Gut syndrome so if you work on healing it, you can slow the progression down tremendously.

So gradually I will be working on switching myself over to a gluten free diet and whatever it takes to slow these symptoms down. 

Today I came back to Solutions Recovery for my work and that this time I will not be a lead manager of a house I will work nights or as a fill in so there will be a lot less work stress in my life.

Join me while I Dance in the rain forever!  

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