Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doctors Orders

Ok well I'm back!  I went to the doctor on Monday July 2th (finally )for my emergency room visits in May.  He has me on High Cholesterol medicine , seeing a dietitian next Tuesday and I am ordered to do 1hr of cardio exercise four times per week!

Now those orders of the cardio came to me without him getting to know my history of arthritis in knees and hips and chronic bronchitis. He was just taking care of the first symptom that got me to hospital, the tingling and chest pain. I gave him my reports from the ER and he just jumped on the cholesterol. I am having full blood test ran including a thyroid test and he gave me a referral for ob/gyn for the lump in my female region.

In meantime, I agree we need to take care of the Cholesterol so we can then deal with any symptoms remaining.

I decided that I am taking a walk every morning for at least a half an hour, building it up to an hour. I will also start swimming lapse for a half an hour every evening.

In three months time, I expect to FEEL and LOOK much better!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Took a weekend break and had a little fun!

Ok, I have been stuck for the last three weeks , losing and gaining the same three pounds!  I will get back on the health kick tomorrow but this weekend I ate pizza.  LOL   I am still determined though and will not give up.  That's one thing Carol Kirkum does not do until I know I have tried every avenue possible.... Keep praying for me , I need a boost!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

4th week... determined to WIN!

Well, It has been tough start, but I've known that or I wouldn't of gotten this out of shape to begin with!  I gained weight and lost it again all week I am currently at 148lbs...that is a total of twelve lbs less than when I started!  I am so needing a strong week of losing another 5lbs to keep me feeling like this is all worth it! I'm not beating myself up though, If I can lose 10 pounds a month instead of the 20 that I wanted, that's ok.  I just need to be at 125-128 by my birthday on July 8th so I can turn 52 and be proud of my shape if nothing else!

It is so hard when I live in constant stress over fear of losing my job any day!  Hard enough living on an income that only pays for my bills alone and all my food comes from my church but when you have the fear of losing your job any day it makes dieting pretty tough! They keep playing games , never giving me proper training from day one , now switching me to new supervisor and stating that they were thinking of putting me on another 90 day????  I took their last four years average and I have either met it or surpassed that average each month I have worked there and that is with their half ass training!!!!  Loved the cruises, love my clients but...........

Seriously I am a hard working single Mom that tries so hard to provide my kids a safe home and it seems as though every time I start feeling secure and seeing a light at end of tunnel....satan throws a pie in my face...well, LOL...I have my Lord Jesus and I will persevere!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Third week struggles

Well, no positive message of  how easily I dropped another 5 pounds here but it is all fine and I am determined!
I actually gained 3 pounds back but at least lost them again by end of week... so back to where I was at this time last Sunday.  I am not discouraged though...I have my determination in full gear and know I will be fine as I persevere.

In two weeks I am getting new professional pictures taken through my work. These will be the first professional pictures I've had since my Real Estate days (taken at the age of 35).   I so want to be able to put my picture from 35 and 51 side by side and be able to be proud!

I have two weeks to lose another ten pounds, not my total goal but my goal for the next two weeks.  Please say some prayers for me to have inner strength and I will make it.  My focus in on total health.

Thank you all for you support and best wishes, it means alot to me and really did get me through this week without giving up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Carol's ZONE....

Well, 10lbs down but still another 25 more to go and with each week the pounds will drop slower.  That's ok though, I AM IN THE ZONE!!!!

 Making the right choices in what I am putting in my body.   One and a half years ago I quit smoking (that put on the last twenty pounds!) Any ways I quite smoking, Now in last two weeks I have quite coffee the first week of this life change and now I am committed to not drinking alcohol.

MY ZONE is HEALTH....Physically, I have no insurance so it is more important that I take the right care of my body.   Spiritually, I need a healthy body to have a openess to the Holy Spirit and I need the healthy body to carry out what ever The Lord  Wills me to do for him.

I am not on a "diet" , I AM TRANSFORMING  my life, living in the ZONE of optimal health!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Off to a good start, well not like my young years where I could drop ten pounds over a weekend, LOL but I did drop 6lbs this week and feel good making better choices of what I put into my body. I stopped coffee cold turkey though and have had bad caffeine headaches all week...they too will pass!

One thing I am doing besides eating as many fruit and vegetables as possible and cutting down Carbs , is I am back on my APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!

It's my natural miracle worker.  I have arthritis and need both knees replaced, somedays I can hardly walk. When I drink three glasses of my apple cider vinegar mixed with water and Honey,  I can actually start running up & down stairs again, but you have to stick to it every day and if you stop the pain comes back.

I had done this routine 3 years ago and it helps cleanse your whole body of crystal deposits and toxin buildup.  I am back on this routine again and believe that within one month I will feel energetic and free of pain so I can exercise again and really get in shape.

If anyone wants to try the apple cider vinegar , look up "Bragg's apple cider vinegar" online,  you need to buy the raw with the mother in it and I can only find it online or at wholefoods stores.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today I am here to share my transformation...

I realized that my hope in living to be 100 years old  has very little chance unless I start taking care of myself.

  I did the old BEFORE pictures today.  Yep, I not only took a good hard look in the mirror I took pictures to post on the internet and share with the world!   Why you ask ...LOL,  Because I've been "meaning to" get around to dieting and taking better care of myself but keep finding reasons why not a good time.
Accountability is the key, I am now going to be accountable to keep constant post on my progress so by my 52nd birthday on July 8th, I can say YES! I DID IT!  I want to truly CELEBRATE my birthday ,not dread it because I am so shameful that I let myself go and look and feel worse than ever in my life!

My two daughters are now eighteen and twenty, time to focus a little more on me and a little less on them.   I can venture out a bit more and I want to be at my best to fulfill God's will for this wonderful time in my life where I can be more open to whatever He desires of me.

Today was step one...take pictures and analyze where I am and where I want to be. This transformation is not just about weight and how I look.  It is about how I feel about myself and regaining the confidence I once had  to walk into a room and accomplish my goals.

My goals are more important now and I know it is more important to have that confidence to carry out God's will.  I can be a greater tool for Him and be a better home to the Holy Spirit with a healthy mind and body.