Monday, November 12, 2012

Ahhh the peace & wonders of night

I am in midst of my work night with a house full of wonderful people , they are all sound asleep.  I sit and ponder what each is dreaming. What their lives have encountered to bring them here under the same roof under which I sit.  

I stop to realize the peace of a quiet night and hope they will come to a point in their lives where they could appreciate the quite.  One must come to a point to where they find happiness within to sit in the quite and not create drama all around in order to not hear the voices within. Those asleep here tonight think they are different because they hear the voices.  Their voices are just loader or meaner voices that want to harm them. In reality I do believe we all hear inner voices.  Those of us that grow to control those voices with the peace that comes in knowing ourselves find it indescribable to share with those that have not yet found that inner place. 

 How do we teach them peace? How do we teach them that in so many situations their parents (the ones they were suppose to trust with all they are) that the parents are the ones that are sick!  It wasn't their fault as children that their parents were full of anger , resentments and were unable to love.  How do we teach them to now put all the anger, resentments and walls to love, down.  To decide now as adults ,that this is their live and they have the right to throw away all the bad that was put upon them as children and it is their choice to break the chains!  

 It begins with realizing  they have a choice and it takes a lot of compassion for themselves to realize they are worth love and they never deserved to be raised by parents that did not teach them unconditional love! They can transform their thoughts, actions and heart to be the person they always wanted to be before others robbed them of their spirit. 

Please take a look at others and stop before you look in judgement. Realize if they are not loving , there is a reason and please look beyond their actions to look into the heart of a "child" that was never loved unconditionally.....reach out and show them what unconditional love is.  

Why else be alive but to reach out to another in love?

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