Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good days and bad days are all blessed days!

Today 11/7/12 wasn't such a great day.

 I had terrible dizziness and numbness in brain, face, arm and chest along with pain in left arm.  I didn't get much done as each time I thought I could, I would get dizzy and out of breath. I even needed Chelsea to drive for me to get the errands done that I did do.

All is good though, I am alive, I did not end up in hospital and I am relaxing here in my own comfortable home. I am blessed.  I did have three whole days in a row where I had energy, got a lot done and even exercised on my AB lounger. Haven't felt up to that in months! I believe the cooling temperatures are helping me and it is only going to get better as winter draws nearer.  I am more Thankful this year than any year so far....Even with all the silly illness issues, I am happier and feeling more sure of who I am than ever before.  I stand up for myself these days and do not allow anyone's own BS keep me from a moment of peace.
Be Blessed :)

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  1. That does not sound good at all Carol. If it happens again you better get to the hospital. I have a lot of mini TIA's lately but my head never gets numb or my arm. Just one time a couple years ago I could not get up for 45 minutes. That was a bad one. But I still had my faculties and when I could reach a paper and pen I wrote down everything I could think of for Nina. Now my head just feels a bit confused sometimes like loosing my equilibrium. I took aspirins in case they help. Now I have bought some and am taking one every day. I have never taken aspirins before. I had to borrow those that day from the lady upstairs. They always say it helps if you feel a heart attack but not sure about a stroke. Now this weird gurgling under my breastbone on the left side is making me nervous. It's like a bad spasm of a muscle. Last night while shopping it was doing it all the time. No pain with it so I'm not worrying.
    I'm glad you are going to start eating right. And a Gluten Free diet helps also but it's hard. Just to get lots of veggies are the best but you also need protein. I eat beans and lentil soups. I really should give up the egg I have every day but that's my only protein and the birds like theirs..
    I wish you the best and I sure hope you don't have those episodes any more. Sounds real dangerous. Take care. I love you.