Sunday, March 13, 2011


Off to a good start, well not like my young years where I could drop ten pounds over a weekend, LOL but I did drop 6lbs this week and feel good making better choices of what I put into my body. I stopped coffee cold turkey though and have had bad caffeine headaches all week...they too will pass!

One thing I am doing besides eating as many fruit and vegetables as possible and cutting down Carbs , is I am back on my APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!

It's my natural miracle worker.  I have arthritis and need both knees replaced, somedays I can hardly walk. When I drink three glasses of my apple cider vinegar mixed with water and Honey,  I can actually start running up & down stairs again, but you have to stick to it every day and if you stop the pain comes back.

I had done this routine 3 years ago and it helps cleanse your whole body of crystal deposits and toxin buildup.  I am back on this routine again and believe that within one month I will feel energetic and free of pain so I can exercise again and really get in shape.

If anyone wants to try the apple cider vinegar , look up "Bragg's apple cider vinegar" online,  you need to buy the raw with the mother in it and I can only find it online or at wholefoods stores.

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  1. I can't drink cider vinegar for some reason. I tried it several times but it kills me. So I stick to drinking fresh squeezed lemon every single morning. Good luck losing your weight Carol. It might help your knees also. My left knee kills me a lot but I can never have the replacement because I don't have the muscles surrounding it to make the new one work. Was told years ago I'd never be able to have any knee replacements and my hips don't have the muscles either. But I won't be living long enough to worry about that problem or ending up in a nursing home for years. Thank God! Love you!! Keep up the good work!