Monday, March 21, 2011

Carol's ZONE....

Well, 10lbs down but still another 25 more to go and with each week the pounds will drop slower.  That's ok though, I AM IN THE ZONE!!!!

 Making the right choices in what I am putting in my body.   One and a half years ago I quit smoking (that put on the last twenty pounds!) Any ways I quite smoking, Now in last two weeks I have quite coffee the first week of this life change and now I am committed to not drinking alcohol.

MY ZONE is HEALTH....Physically, I have no insurance so it is more important that I take the right care of my body.   Spiritually, I need a healthy body to have a openess to the Holy Spirit and I need the healthy body to carry out what ever The Lord  Wills me to do for him.

I am not on a "diet" , I AM TRANSFORMING  my life, living in the ZONE of optimal health!

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  1. Good going kid!! You are losing and I am gaining. Ha! Ha! But at this point I don't care how much I gain. It's better than being so skinny. I hated that look. And being sick and not able to eat everything was terrible. now I eat anything I want. But as for you, I want you to be as healthy as possible so you can live a long life. So glad you gave up those nasty cigarettes. And alcohol!! That's great!! I love you!!