Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doctors Orders

Ok well I'm back!  I went to the doctor on Monday July 2th (finally )for my emergency room visits in May.  He has me on High Cholesterol medicine , seeing a dietitian next Tuesday and I am ordered to do 1hr of cardio exercise four times per week!

Now those orders of the cardio came to me without him getting to know my history of arthritis in knees and hips and chronic bronchitis. He was just taking care of the first symptom that got me to hospital, the tingling and chest pain. I gave him my reports from the ER and he just jumped on the cholesterol. I am having full blood test ran including a thyroid test and he gave me a referral for ob/gyn for the lump in my female region.

In meantime, I agree we need to take care of the Cholesterol so we can then deal with any symptoms remaining.

I decided that I am taking a walk every morning for at least a half an hour, building it up to an hour. I will also start swimming lapse for a half an hour every evening.

In three months time, I expect to FEEL and LOOK much better!

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  1. It's a good start but be careful taking that cholesterol medication. If you start having muscle problems tell your doctor right away. I refused to take that stuff. I have too many muscles problems as it is. My cholesterol has been around 300 for 20 years now. When I quit the sugar I knocked it down to 225. I'm sure it's sky high now days but I don't care. Will be waiting to hear what your blood tests show and especially your thyroid. That can cause lots of problems. Jane has thyroid issues. She takes stuff for that. Walking is good and swimming is real good. Don't overdo your heart too much at first. No running! You can't anyway with your knee problem. Hope that lump isn't anything serious. I'm glad you are finally getting all that stuff done Carol. I wish you the best of luck and hoping they never find anything too serious. I love you.