Sunday, April 3, 2011

4th week... determined to WIN!

Well, It has been tough start, but I've known that or I wouldn't of gotten this out of shape to begin with!  I gained weight and lost it again all week I am currently at 148lbs...that is a total of twelve lbs less than when I started!  I am so needing a strong week of losing another 5lbs to keep me feeling like this is all worth it! I'm not beating myself up though, If I can lose 10 pounds a month instead of the 20 that I wanted, that's ok.  I just need to be at 125-128 by my birthday on July 8th so I can turn 52 and be proud of my shape if nothing else!

It is so hard when I live in constant stress over fear of losing my job any day!  Hard enough living on an income that only pays for my bills alone and all my food comes from my church but when you have the fear of losing your job any day it makes dieting pretty tough! They keep playing games , never giving me proper training from day one , now switching me to new supervisor and stating that they were thinking of putting me on another 90 day????  I took their last four years average and I have either met it or surpassed that average each month I have worked there and that is with their half ass training!!!!  Loved the cruises, love my clients but...........

Seriously I am a hard working single Mom that tries so hard to provide my kids a safe home and it seems as though every time I start feeling secure and seeing a light at end of tunnel....satan throws a pie in my face...well, LOL...I have my Lord Jesus and I will persevere!!!!

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