Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today I am here to share my transformation...

I realized that my hope in living to be 100 years old  has very little chance unless I start taking care of myself.

  I did the old BEFORE pictures today.  Yep, I not only took a good hard look in the mirror I took pictures to post on the internet and share with the world!   Why you ask ...LOL,  Because I've been "meaning to" get around to dieting and taking better care of myself but keep finding reasons why not a good time.
Accountability is the key, I am now going to be accountable to keep constant post on my progress so by my 52nd birthday on July 8th, I can say YES! I DID IT!  I want to truly CELEBRATE my birthday ,not dread it because I am so shameful that I let myself go and look and feel worse than ever in my life!

My two daughters are now eighteen and twenty, time to focus a little more on me and a little less on them.   I can venture out a bit more and I want to be at my best to fulfill God's will for this wonderful time in my life where I can be more open to whatever He desires of me.

Today was step one...take pictures and analyze where I am and where I want to be. This transformation is not just about weight and how I look.  It is about how I feel about myself and regaining the confidence I once had  to walk into a room and accomplish my goals.

My goals are more important now and I know it is more important to have that confidence to carry out God's will.  I can be a greater tool for Him and be a better home to the Holy Spirit with a healthy mind and body.

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