Sunday, March 27, 2011

Third week struggles

Well, no positive message of  how easily I dropped another 5 pounds here but it is all fine and I am determined!
I actually gained 3 pounds back but at least lost them again by end of week... so back to where I was at this time last Sunday.  I am not discouraged though...I have my determination in full gear and know I will be fine as I persevere.

In two weeks I am getting new professional pictures taken through my work. These will be the first professional pictures I've had since my Real Estate days (taken at the age of 35).   I so want to be able to put my picture from 35 and 51 side by side and be able to be proud!

I have two weeks to lose another ten pounds, not my total goal but my goal for the next two weeks.  Please say some prayers for me to have inner strength and I will make it.  My focus in on total health.

Thank you all for you support and best wishes, it means alot to me and really did get me through this week without giving up!

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  1. Just keep it up. Eat more veggies than fruit and drink lots of lemon water. You can do it kiddo!