Saturday, February 20, 2016

In Honor of Cassandra Cassidy please join LVMPD "LIGHT THE NIGHT" campaign PLUS MORE

LVMPD has a campaign that is titled "LIGHT THE NIGHT", The flyer states a well-lit home and neighborhood is better protected than a home or neighborhood without lighting.  Crime and darkness go hand in hand. 

 It is mostly for homeowners to protect themselves by placing more lighting on their private property.  Auto sensors that turn on the porch lights and surround landscape lights at dusk, motion sensor lights though out their front and back property to alert them someone is out there. It states on the flyer that darkness and crime goes hand in hand.  

Well in honor of Cassandra's memory to make something come from her senseless death that may save other lives:   We have decided to join LVMPD to campaign to "LIGHT THE NIGHT" not only in private properties but in our streets!  I honestly believe with all my heart that if the neighborhood and property where my innocent 24 year old daughter was arriving to work that night on April 17th 2015 was better lit, (no street lights there at all) she may still be with us now! PLEASE JOIN US IN HELPING OTHER FAMILIES NOT GO THROUGH THIS TRAGEDY!!!

Las Vegas is unique in the sense of how we have grown- I have lived her for nearly forty years and I remember how this "town" grew in spurts by people moving out and building custom homes in neighborhoods without any city sidewalks and utilities, like street lights.  These days those rural areas are some of the darkest neighborhoods in the center of the city! Crime is happening in those areas daily.   

Please campaign for our city / county to place street lights on every street where people live in this Greater Las Vegas.  Stand up for our Kids or families and all the innocent lives that don't need to be taken from their loved ones. 

Around our country cities are changing their street lights to LED lights that are brighter and more cost efficient for the city- We have a lot of streets with street lights but they are so dim, you can hardly tell so as we do a sweep to "LIGHT THE NIGHT"  please add to make the overplan to eventually replace all streetlights with LED lights. 

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