Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Missed you old friend

I've missed you old friend.  That's how I feel as I sit here at my computer and contemplate what to write on my blog, my blog that I have ignored for far too long.  So much has happened in these months since I've written and I feel like I am sitting down with a old friend to catch up!

I have adjusted my schedule at work once again to consist of 3 day shifts 8am-8pm Friday thru Sunday and one night shift of 8pm-8am in the mid week.  I love the night shift for writing and research work while my clients are all asleep.  

I just bought a brand new car, not that I felt it was time financially and wanted to just now, but my old car that I had bought off a used car lot three years earlier and paid 30% interest on and I just paid off on February 28th, sure enough had engine trouble that would cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Hundreds of dollars I did not have and it was threatening to blow if not repaired asap and registration was coming due.  Rather than try to push it to point of blowing up, I figured maybe I could trade it in? 

I am now a proud owner of a brand new 2013 Chrysler 200 that I truly love.  Ahhh I so missed that fresh smell of a new car and the sense of security that it would not be breaking down and then the oh so wonderful feeling that if I could take the time , I could jump in my car right now and drive to a beach in Ca.!!!  That is the reason for the schedule change, I now NEED the eight hours over time each week so I can pay for this wonderful security.  

Blessings in the fact that my ex-husband actually co-signed for me so I could get this one at 5.3% interest!  I can not let him down and I oh so want to earn my good credit score back.  The plan is for me to pay for a year on this loan and then refinance in my own name...pray by then my credit score improves enough to get me 5.3%!!!  I can not afford any higher payments than I already have, hense the overtime hours and the night shift, with the night shift I can start developing my shop on Etsy and start my writing again to sell and earn more income to qualify better next year on own.I'm constantly looking for ways to make side money and afford those things needed in my life.

In midst of car breaking down and having to go on a long term commitment loan, I received a phone call from my doctor that they want me to go back to a third mammogram and ultra sound for third time in two months!  Praise God I know I have him and know all the miracles He has done in my life in past so I can rest assured He is in midst of all I am going through now with finances and health!  I don't even think there is anything wrong with my breast , as all the pain is in my lower abdomen where doctors found sizable cyst last year but no one has bothered to ultra sound them?  I have been "on a list" for the last 6 months at least to see a ob/gyn and a Neurologist for my seemingly MS symptoms.  Summer is coming and I feel overwhelmed with the heat already as here in Vegas it is hitting 80's daily.

Pray with me for God's intervention where I need it and God's wisdom on finding natural ways to ease my symptoms with eating as healthy as I can and keeping stress at a minimum.

Now enough about me my old friend, how have you been?!


  1. Welcome back to Blogworld, Carol! Having a new car is a pretty awesome feeling, insn't it?
    Thanks for the updates.

    1. Sure is Mich!!! I can't wait till my first road trip!

  2. My prayers are with you Carol! Hang in there!

    1. Thank you Ariel! Praising God for I know He is with me always!