Thursday, April 11, 2013


Isn't funny when your past circles around with your present?  I am now 53 years old and recently God has been bringing back people to me that were my friends years ago. Some maybe 5-10 years ago and some even 30years ago!

I am in awe of life and how in this past month I reconnected with my first love. No not for any "rekindling of flames" as he is very happily married to a wonderful wife and has a beautiful family miles and miles away. I will always love him for being my first love and I am so grateful he is loved and happy.

Through that reconnection though, I found one of our old friends too that hung out with us a lot and I hadn't seen him since we were in our 20's!  Turns out we live within a few miles of each other, have shared some similar life changes and now tomorrow I get to go out to the race track to watch him race! I gave up that part of my heart years ago and have oh so missed being at a track and smelling the awesome smell of nitro!

Yep, I'd say this is a 360! Yesterday he treated me to lunch and that lunch lasted five hours, I could of sat there another five easily. It was just like when I go back east and see my best friends from childhood, it is like nothing changed but our age. The comfort level is still there forever!

  Tomorrow will be a day of heaven on earth for me and I will enjoy every second I am out there at track.  God blesses us in so many ways , be ready!!!


  1. Good to see you blogging again Carol!

    1. Thanks Ariel, It is simply because I am working a night shift once a week and now have time! I enjoy writing whenever I can! God Bless