Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tornado spins out of control

I was under impression this whole time that my Sunshine got caught wrong place , wrong time, and was accidentally shot that rotten night of April 17th!  I found out Monday that the Thug got out of the car and walk towards her and deliberately shot her and then bragged that he shot a white girl!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The rain turned into tornado?!!!

Not sure I can dance anymore but I am sure someday I will retrain myself!

  You see my life as I knew it ended April 17th 2015 at 9:56pn when some street punks decided to shoot out the window of their car at two girls they were chasing that had ran up to my precious 24 year old daughter for help as she arrived at work ( at wrong time at wrong place) and they shot my innocent daughter instead!

I'm good at dancing in the rain when things go wrong in life but when the rain turns into a tornado and my life ends as I know it ... My knowledge of how to dance ends!!!

One moment, one breath, one day at a time!  My brain can say how I'm suppose to process this information and try to move forward but my emotions can not comprehend that I will never see , hear, feel , laugh with , share life with my Sunshine again!!!! 

Spiritually Cassandra is with me and always will be I know but JUSTICE must be served and TRUTH must be revealed on what happened to my baby and who is responsible , then they must pay!!!!   That won't bring my Sunshine back but she lived to see fairness in lives and I must see a minimum of fairness that those responsible bring brought to justice! 

Life will never ever be the same!